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Want to bring in more business?
Are you a small or medium size business that wants to learn to bring in new customers?

Can’t afford big agency fees?
You just can’t afford to pay an agency or a full time person to bring in new business for you.

We Teach U to do it yourself.
If this is you and your business than you’ve come to the right place.

DIY Marketing Workshops For Your Business.
We have 20+ years experience in advertising, marketing, digital and Social Media with companies like 1-800 Flowers, Bed Bath & Beyond, SONY, NHL and more. And we are here to share with you these simple easy step by step instructions on how to market your business and bring in customers they way these big companies do.

We will have online video courses, workbooks, downloads and in person workshop sessions where we will “Teach U” everything you need to know to bring in more customers, interest and sales to your business. We will be Teaching U everything from the in’s and out’s of social media, how to run a successful Facebook campaign, marketing and how to build a bulletproof plan, advertising and how to monetize every dollar spent, YouTube, Instagram, branding, Logo’s and much much more!

• What is your Demographic?
• Who are your customers?
• What kind of media are they consuming?
• Is your business online, brick and mortar, both?

We will Teach U find your market and how to target them.

• When should I post?
• How often should I post?
• What do I say?
• What get the most clicks, likes and shares?

U will learn all you need to know to optimize your business Facebook page as well as tips and tricks to get more views likes and much more.

• Where do I advertise and why?
• What do I say in my ads?
• What is a campaign CTA?
• How do I track how my ads are doing?

We will Teach U everything you need to take your ads to the next level.

• How do I track my social media ROI?
• How do I not look like SPAM?
• Which networks should I be on?
• How do I use LinkedIn for my business?

U will learn which networks are best for you and your brand and how to be… well… social 🙂

Find Out More:
We are putting together our new online and in-person workshops classes. Sign up below to find out more about them, when they will be online and our next series of in-person We Teach U workshops.

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